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Fic, Stargate SG-1, She loves him, PG-13, 6/8
Other than words

There are only a short time until this ship takes off and I intend to be on the bridge or whatever the hell they call it when that happens. But first I have something to do.

Why do they have to make these corridors so long and unnecessarily twisted? I've noted down where the sarc is, but where is the cargo rooms? Near a ring transporter, probably, but where is that?

I waste precious time on walking around on the ship, but finally I find it. The Tok'ra only transported up a very few things, and the stasis chamber stands out. It's big and chunky, but smaller than I'd have thought. Well, what would I know about that, right? We're a primitive people, or so I'm told, frequently. Usually by people whos asses we have saved.

Anyway, I've found what I'm looking for, now I just need to figure out how to open the damn thing. How hard can it be, right? Particularly when you don't care if it can be closed or used again.

That's how I finally get it open. There's a whoosh, and an alarm, but fortunately only a local one. I smash the noisy thing and grab hold of Marty's arms. It's a bit weird. He's warm and feels normal. Alive. He's bleeding, though, and there is a raspy sound as he's trying to breathe. He's wearing nothing but underpants.

Given that a sarc is going to fix him, I don't care about anything but speed. I lift him up and carry him, and get a flash back to the way too many times I've had to carry a wounded comrade or team mate from a bad situation. Or the times when I have been the one carried, mostly during my black-ops days.

It makes things easier, and stops me worrying about any consequences. He is a wounded fellow soldier who I am taking back to base, to be healed. Who cares if someone gets angry?

I hurry through the corridors, and find the sarc room easier than expected, which is good, because he is no longer breathing. I press the crystal to open the sarcophagus, and it opens. I put Marty inside, and it closes and starts humming slightly. Active.

The thing creeps me out a little.

I take a deep breath and turn around, away from it. There is no way to know how long it will be before it finishes healing him, but it will open when it does, and he can get out himself.

I hurry up to the bridge, meeting Daniel and Teal'c on the way. They know of my plan, and I just give them a nod to confirm it's done.

Together, we go to the bridge.

Things are going to hell in a hand basket - as usual. First part of the plan went fine, but then an alkesh attacked us! Hyperdrive went down. Main power. Weapons. Shields.

What else is new.

Teal'c and I went to take it out with a deathglider since it appeared damaged, but it took off. Since Teal'c thinks it is here to pick up Tanith, he refuses to go back to the ship.

He's right, of course, but Teal'c crashes our deathglider trying to get him.

We have to walk through the damn desert, to the Tok'ra base so we can be ringed onboard the ha'tak.

Of course, that's if Carter, Daniel, and Jacob returns for us. I mean, they would if they could, but with Apophis approaching I'm not sure they can.

Tanith and some Jaffa took Teal'c with the ring transporter, so I can only assume Apophis is here.

Moments later Jacob, Daniel, and Carter arrives and rings me aboard our ha'tak, so that's something. We still have to save Teal'c, somehow.

The ship enters hyperdrive shortly after I'm onboard, and I'm thrown against a nearby bulkhead.

"Ouch, why can't they fly more carefully?" I complain.

Daniel smiles. "Welcome aboard, Jack!"

"Thanks." I groan and rotate my shoulder.

"Where's Teal'c?"

"Tanith took him. I don't know if he's even alive. The star has blown up, hasn't it?" I feel sadness at the probable loss of my great Jaffa friend.

"What? No! We have to go back!"

"Daniel! If the ship he was on didn't blow up, then Apophis has him by now. In that case, we'll get him, but we can't right now. Okay?"

We go through the corridors towards the bridge. We're almost there when there is a weird shift and we leave hyperspace again.

We enter the bridge.

"Sir. Where's Teal'c?" Carter asks. Immediately, of course. Couldn't she say 'hi, I'm happy you're alive', first?

"I'm not sure. I think he's dead." I tell her. I'm too tired to handle all this.

"If Apophis has him…" Jacob says.

"Well, we have to go back." Carter insists.

"That may not be possible, Sam. The navigational computer isn't recognising any of the star patterns. According to these readings we've travelled over four million light years." Jacob says.

"That's impossible." Carter says.

"We're not even in our own galaxy anymore." Jacob says.

I stare at them. What are they talking about?

"Well the explosion must have somehow affected the subspace window created by the hyperdrive." Carter speculates.

"Wait…wait a minute, what are you saying? We can't get back?" I ask.

"I don't know. The ship isn't normally capable of going so fast." Jacob says.

"It only took us a few seconds to get here." I remind him.

It sounds like bullshit. We couldn't have travelled that far.

"Given our current position, and maximum hyperdrive speed, it's going to take us 125 years to get back. Long range sensors are picking up another ship. It's Apophis…" Jacob tells us.

Right now I'm not sure why I even got out of bed today. We're the good guys, and here I've been working my ass off to help my friends. Now this?

So, Apophis wanted to attack us, but some other ship attacked his ship first. We hid in the corona-sphere of a big blue-ass star, while Carter and Jacob tried to fix the ship.

They got the shields up - or else we'd have fried in the star. Hyperdrive is apparently fried and without new control crystals we're going nowhere.

Teal'c is gone. I don't want to think about it. We're all missing him. Even if he somehow survived and got onboard Apophis's ship, maybe were put in a sarcophagus, then the other ship will kill him when they destroy Apophis's ship.

We've been here for many hours, and the shields will probably fail again soon, meaning we have to leave our hiding space. Out there, an enemy is probably waiting, but we won't know until we get there. Swell.

Carter and Jacob comes back on the bridge. They have apparently gotten weapons online too, somewhat at least.

I suddenly remember about Marty. I wonder if the sarc has finished healing him? It shouldn't take this long, should it? Or maybe he's healed and hiding out somewhere, unsure who owns the ship he's on. I guess that would make sense.

I better go check.

"Um, I need to go, ah, use the head." I tell the others.

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