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My fanfic - the master list
List of all my fanfic. All is Stargate SG-1. 

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Okay, for I did not manage to post my email account or my account on the german ff, suddenly remembered my live journal. Was not here for... at least a long, long time! As a told before, I always use the same name.
I am stunned, you are not a native speaker, really.
Sorry for being so late to answer, but have to do a lot of things before my vacation, some washing, cooking, mending house and garden, so that my husband must not spend all his free time by caring about.
He does not like to travel or to spent time without his model railways, and I have to accept this.
About ten years without any holidays, he urged me to spend at least two weeks at Mallorca inJanuary and two weeks in summer where ever it is a little bit cooler than here.
I go and take someone else with , my mum and aunt, my cousin and best friend Mini, or, now, the neighbours daughter, for they could not effort making holidays this year.
I have been to Sweden some years ago, but will not go in summer again, my skin did not like all those mosquitos and biting and blood sucking insects ;)))
I got already out of blood here at home!
They love me just the way Lantash/Martouf love Jolinar/Rosha, but it is not the same pleasure, indeed!
Okay, my husband has some plans for today, meseems...
Put the tablet away, and switch the light. of!

See/read you...


Hi! I have friended you now here on Livejournal now :)

I hope you have a good vacation! Yes, we do have problems with mosquitoes here in Sweden - there can be a lot of them, unfortunately! It's even worse further north in the country than it is here.


Just want to wish you a happy birthday!
You did not update for a while, so I hope you are busy with pleasant things in real life, and not problems overwhelming...
Have a nice day

Thank you.
I have had (to some degree still have), computer problems. I can only reliably answer pm's, update, and such from work. My home computer kept crashing - it started with my word processing program crashing all the time.
I have reinstalled most of everything, and it seems to runs stable now, but I still haven't gotten any word processing installed again yet - and I lost all I had written on my fics, so it will be a while before I can update those :(

Now, that is really a BIG problem. I really wish you will get it restored, not at least for my own sake *sfg*.
My own laptop lost its hard disk on the back flight of my holidays and the computer guys could only restore it partly, and I lost several thousand of my pics of beautyful landscapes.
But you posted lots of your stories before, and you told me, you paperwrite all of your chapters before publishing, eo they are not lost forever, I hope.
Have a nice evening, and tomorrow even a nicer day..

I'm sorry you lost your photos. That's something I always worry about, so I ought to back up everything, I guess. (I try, but don't always do it.)

I do write some of the fic on paper first, but I usually throw it out when I have typed it into the computer, so that doesn't help me much, unfortunately.

My computer seems to work now, as I said, and I have reinstalled my word processing software (Libreoffice). However, it is acting a bit weird, so I am not sure everything is really as it should be with the computer. We will see.

In any case, I have started writing some again. I have a fic for apocalypse kree! that I need to write before I do much else, but after that I will go back to my other fics that aren't finished yet. I hope ;)

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