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Fanfic, Inquisition, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, PG-13, 11/13

~ is internal conversation between host and symbiote

Bold is symbiote talking with symbiote voice

This chapter is R for sex.



We all had a cup of tea before going back to bed. It took some time to calm down after that scare!

"Well, goodnight - I'm going to go and get some more sleep. It's still very early." My dad says, then yawns.

"Goodnight, dad - sleep tight!" I tell him. "You too, Selmak."

"Yes, goodnight Jacob and Selmak!" Martouf says.

After my dad has left, I finish getting ready for sleep. Martouf has already been to the bathroom and crawled back into bed, but he is not yet asleep when I come back into the bedroom.

He smiles at me. "That nightgown is really lovely, Samantha."

So, it is Lantash. I smile at him.

"Thanks." I touch the smooth white silk, sliding my hand down it. "It's really pleasant, very soft." I sit down on the bed. "Try and touch it."

Which, was perhaps not the most thought-through thing to say, given how the dress clings to me!

He smiles and outs a hand on my side, sliding it down and caressing me gently. "Yes, it feels very nice - though I must admit that I feel certain that what is under it will feel much nicer!"

Direct as always! I feel myself blushing. "Uh..."

He slides the hand back up, to my shoulder, with a questioning look. When I make no move to stop him, he caresses my naked skin there. "As I thought. Much nicer!" He glides his hand down over my chest, taking advantage of the deep vee of the dress. He puts his hand down between my breasts, then cup one of them as he leans forward and capture my lips.

I close my eyes and leans into the kiss. It starts out soft and gentle, but Lantash quickly deepens it, kissing me with a passion that make my head spin.

We pull apart only when we are out of air - or I am out of air at any rate, since he seems to be able to hold his breath for longer than a human.

His pale eyes are dark from arousal, and he pulls me closer, sliding a hand down my body and pulling at my dress.

It takes me a while to clear the haze of lust from my mind enough to think clearly. "Lantash... you and Martouf just survived a terrible ordeal. You must be exhausted...we should not..."

"While I am still tired, I am no longer exhausted. Neither is Martouf. We have more than enough energy to pleasure you, repeatedly." He gets a worried look. "Unless you do not want our advances?"

I feel my cheeks grow even redder. "Um...I, that is, yes - I do, but..."

Lantash does not hesitate further, and pulls me in for a searing kiss. I forget everything else but his lips and his hands.

He pulls my nightgown off, and fills his hands with my breasts. "So beautiful!"

I moan as his hot mouth finds one of my breasts. He slides a hand down between my legs, into my panties, and finds my most sensitive spot. I gasp and buck against him.

His touch is wonderful, and he knows exactly how to pleasure me. "Oh, god, yes! Lantash!"

He peels off my panties. "Spread your legs for me, Samantha."

I obey - and also pull at his nightwear - a shirt and leggings - and he immediately helps me get the clothes off him. Naked, he lies beside me, and I cannot help but look. I saw most of him naked before, but then I was mostly occupied with his wounds.

Now they are all gone - not even a hint of a scar is left. I am impressed. Amazed. Then my gaze slides lower, and I can't help reaching out to touch him. His shaft is large, thick, and very hard. Very hard - but the skin is soft, and I wrap my hand around it and pump a few times. He gasps.

I grin, and again slide my gaze hungrily over his body. "You are very handsome!" I tell him. I get a slightly embarrassed expression. "And I very much want you."

"You shall have me!" He grabs hold of my panties and pulls them off me, and I am as naked as him.

We kiss again, and he returns to pleasuring me with his fingers. I groan and push against him, more horny than I can ever remember being before. "Fuck me!" I beg.

He grins. "With pleasure, Samantha."

I had not discovered they had switched control, nor do I care. I find that I love - and desire - them both, equally. I sit up and pull him in for a kiss, and soon lose myself in the sensation.

Moments later I again find myself on the back, as Martouf pushes me down on the bed. The feeling of his strong body over me, against me, is fantastic. This is what I secretly have wanted, for so long. I gasp out loudly as he enter me, pushing deeply. It is a very snug fit, and the sensations are about to push me over immediately. Very needy, I thrust up against him, moaning deeply.

Martouf is as aroused as I am, and starts moving, thrusting into me hard. He keeps a speed that is slower than what I would prefer right now, and I pull on him with my legs trying to increase his speed. "Martouf! Please!"

He grins. "Patience, Samantha." He closes his eyes for a moment, clearly fighting for control of his lust. "I don't want...this to be over...too soon."

He continues his slow, but hard thrusts, driving me crazy with lust. He keeps me just at below the point where I come. It is wonderful, frustrating, pleasurable... I am going mad with lust.

His eyes suddenly flash as Lantash takes over, and it is obvious he is not ready for patience. He immediately starts moving faster. And I make almost a sob of relief. It takes very few thrusts before I come, biting his shoulder in an attempt not to cry out - my dad is in the other room!

Lantash groans deeply, and pushes into me hard. He cries out as he comes - a little louder than he should, perhaps. I really hope dad is still a heavy sleeper.

Lantash kisses me passionately, before collapsing on top of me, panting. We hug each other hard, and I feel happier than I can remember feeling for a long time.

I kiss him again. "I love you."

Lantash looks very happy. "We love you too, Samantha. Very very much."

We kiss and talk together for a little while, before going to sleep.

Next morning, we wake from someone rapping on the door to our room. Groggy, I try to remember where I am. I smile as I feel Martouf/Lantash's warm, naked body against mine. Before I can think clearly, I call out. "Yes?"

"It's just me." My dad says, and opens the door and enters.

I snatch the blanket and pull it up further. "Uh... hi, dad..."

He stops and frowns, and I see his gaze taking in the clothing scattered over the floor and bed. Martouf chooses this moment to wake up, and rises a sleepy head to look who it is.


"What is going on here?" My dad demands. "What did you do to my daughter?"

"I love Samantha." Martouf defends himself.

"You slept with her!"

Martouf frowns. "Yes? We slept in the same bed."

"That is not what I meant! sex with her! You...seduced her!"

"Dad! He didn't do anything I didn't want him to!"

Martouf's eyes flash as Lantash takes over, having clearly awaken too. "Jacob, as Martouf told you, we love your daughter very much. This was a mutual decision, and I promise you it was to mutual pleasure!"

"I do not want to hear about that!" Jacob exclaims. At the same time someone knocks on the front door, and Jacob gives us a warning glare before leaving to see who it is, shutting the door after him. "We will talk more later!"


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