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Fanfic, Inquisition, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, PG-13, 12/13
While dad talks to whomever is at the door, Martouf/Lantash and I quickly gather the clothes and get dressed, before jumping back into bed and hiding like we had done tonight. It is a good deal more light in here, so we must dearly hope no one comes to search the room as thoroughly again.

We smile at each other, despite the danger, and Martouf/Lantash gives me a quick kiss before pulling me close in the bed.

After some minutes, my dad comes back into the room, alone. The person or persons who was here before, have left.

"It was a messenger from Nittik. He wishes to invite Sam and I to dinner tonight, and I did not feel like I could tell him no, without arousing suspicion." My dad says. "I told him to inform Nittik that 'Samira' is better today, and that she will go out to buy ingredients to cook him her favourite dish."

"So I should use that to get what ingredients I need for explosives, so we can create diversions and escape through the Stargate." I say.

"Yes. And better be quick." Jacob looks hard at Martouf. "Meanwhile we are going to have a little talk!"

After a quick bath I dressed in local clothes and went out to get what we need to create explosives for a diversion. I buy a little here and there, to not arouse suspicion, and I also buy whatever normal things that would be needed for cooking dinner.

I feel more than a little guilty leaving poor Martouf and Lantash alone with my dad, but they will manage I am sure, and Selmak is able to talk to my dad and tell him to calm down.

I return with what I have bought, hurrying past the guards that are still there at the inn.

I knock on the front door to the building we are staying in, and after a few moments my dad opens the door.

"Hi, dad."

"Come in...Samira."

I give him a quick glance. He still looks sternly at me. I guess he is still upset. Though I think less so?

He closes the door after me. "I think I got everything."


I open the door to my room, and Martouf/Lantash rise from where they have been sitting on the couch. "Hello, Samantha." They smile at me, and they look none the worse for wear, so my dad has at least not beat them up. Not that I think he can. Martouf/Lantash are pretty strong.

Actually Martouf/Lantash looks better than they have in a long time, so the rest has done them good. "Hi, Martouf, Lantash!" I smile at them.

"Hello, Samantha. It is good to see you again." Martouf looks like he wants to kiss me, but my dad gives him a stern look.

Suddenly Martouf dips his head, and when he looks up his eyes are flashing, and he has a determined look on his face. "We are relieved to see you back safely, Samantha." Lantash says, then pulls me to him and gives me a warm kiss.

My dad looks like he is about to say something, but then his eyes flash. "Time to stop this ridiculousness! I will talk to Jacob some more, and until he can behave, I am in control." Selmak says.

"Hi, Selmak." I smile at her. "I hope my dad isn't too angry."

Not that it is any of his business who I sleep with!

"He is not...not really." Selmak gives me and Lantash a kind look. "He agrees with me that Martouf and Lantash are good mates for you Samantha - it is just that he is old fashioned and does not like being confronted by one particular side of your love for each other." She grins.

"Jacob knows that my intentions towards his daughter are...mostly...honourable." Lantash says and kiss me again.

"Mostly?" I ask.

"I intend to make you my mate, but I will not refrain from mating with you until then." Lantash tells us.

I know my dad hates hearing this! Does Lantash say it so openly because he feels defiant and want to challenge him? Or because he just is that way? I decide it is probably a little of both. Lantash is not a diplomat.

"Um." I kiss Lantash. "Should we get working? I got all we need for the bombs, and since I also needed to buy food to pretend I was cooking for Nittik, I thought I would cook food for us."

"Thank you. I am...very hungry." Lantash tells me. "Healing all the damage and recovering takes a lot of energy."

"I understand." I entwine my fingers with his and looks at his nails. "Wow - you've already started regrowing the nails. I mean, they've about 1/4 of the way grown out already."

"Yes, I just increased the speed of that a little, now when everything else is healed."

I nod. "I am happy you're doing well again." I smile at him.

I pull myself together. We need to get working on stuff so we can escape, and there is no reason to make dad even more annoyed by making him watch Martouf/Lantash and I hold hands and kiss in front of him. Though he needs to learn to accept that.

I start setting the stuff I bought out on the table, and Martouf/Lantash and Selmak starts putting together the bombs, while I go to the small kitchen to cook. I am probably better at making bombs than they are, but while I am not a great cook, I know I am definitely better than my dad.

Though maybe Selmak or Martouf/Lantash can cook? Probably. I think I will ask them next time, but right now I have an idea for something I want to make for Martouf/Lantash!

After eating - and Martouf/Lantash loved the food - we get ready to leave. They have finished making the bombs.

We put on local clothing, with cloaks, so that they cannot easily see who Martouf/Lantash are. Then we wait the hour or so that is left until sunset, before we open the door to the back alley.

Two guards are standing there, looking rather bored.

"Hello. I am Lord Jackel, and this is my daughter Samira, as well as guard we have hired to protect us during an evening walk. May I say that we have been extremely satisfied with your excellent work!"

"Thank you." One of the guards say, looking pleased.

"Please tell Master Nittik of our gratitude as well." I tell him.

"Thank you, Lady Samira." the guard says. "When will you return? It is getting dark."

"We will only go for a short walk. Lady Samira is finally feeling better, and wanted some more fresh air. We should return in an hour so. Are there still danger?" My dad asks.

"Yes, the warlock has not been captured."

"Who are you, guard?" the other guard suddenly asks. "We need to tell that you are trustworthy."

"He is. I can vouch for him." My dad insists.

The guard pulls off the hood that Martouf/Lantash has pulled down low, and he shines a light in his face. "It is the warlock!" the guard exclaims.

We cannot wait for them to shout or try and convince them, so we all react quickly, taking them by surprise. With more noise than what we wanted, we knock them out, and then quickly pull them into the house and shut the door.

Martouf/Lantash and my dad each grab a halberd from them, and I take a sword, and we hurry away, hoping no one noticed.


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