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Fanfic, Inquisition, Sam/Martouf/Lantash, PG-13, 13/13, COMPLETE


We make it through the town without being stopped by anyone. Not many people are out at all, even though it is only early evening. They are probably still afraid of the warlock. Or more like they are terrified.

There are guards here and there, but none of them are close enough to pay much attention to us, and we make it out into the forest through the back alley I used when I went to get Martouf/Lantash some days ago.

It is a fairly long walk around the town, if we want to stay in the forest, but we do not dare get out from it, into the open. We walk in silence, and I feel grateful for that. Maybe Selmak will have convinced my dad to not continue making an ass of himself, when he is again given control.

Now and then Martouf/Lantash and I smile at each other, and now and then our hands touch. It makes me happy.

The moon is high in the sky, throwing some light over the otherwise dark night, when we finally make it to the Stargate.

"It is guarded." Martouf observes.

"Yes. Damn!" My dad exclaims. So Selmak has given him control again. Does that mean he will behave himself?

They both keep their voices down, and I whisper as well. "We should plant the bombs then. So they will go off and make a diversion, luring the guards away."

"Yes, we should." Martouf says.

We each take one bomb, except that my dad takes two. We then sneak off to plant the four bombs, and then we will meet again here. We have a fuse on the bombs that will burn for about 20 minutes. That is hopefully suitable.

"The bombs should go off in about 10 minutes now." My dad observes, checking his watch.

"Good. Then we should get as close to the chaapa'ai as we can." Martouf says.

We intend to make a run for it as soon as the guards go to investigate - or run away in fear, whatever will happen.

We sneak closer to the Stargate, making it to a small cluster of shrubbery some 50 feet from the DHD. Just then we notice someone walking towards the Stargate on the road from the city - as he comes closer we see it is Nittik and two guards!

"Why does that idiot have to come here now?" I complain in a low voice.

We hear him shout at the guards almost immediately. "The warlock has been seen! He was hiding with Lady Samira and Lord Jackel, whom he had bewitched! Be prepared to stop them at the Ring! They will be coming here, and they took weapons from guards they knocked down!"

"Damn, damn, damn!" I grumble.

I feel Martouf put a calming hand on my back.

That is when the bombs go off. The guards make yelps of surprise, as the bombs go off one at the time.

"The warlock!"

"He is coming here!"

"We will be dragged to hell by him!"


The guards are terrified, and are unsure what to do.

"You will remain here with me!" Nittik orders.

But the guards are so afraid that they jump high as the fourth and last bomb goes off. "No, our souls are in danger!"

They run away as fast as they can, dropping their weapons. Only Nittik remains. He is furious and starts running after them, yelling after them to come back.

"Now is our chance! Let's dial out!" Jacob says.

We run for the DHD, and Jacob starts dialling.

That is when Nittik comes back with one guard he has managed to convince. They attack us immediately. While dad dials, Martouf fights the guard, and I fight Nittik with the sword I have taken earlier.

Fortunately, Nittik is not a good swordsman, and I have some training.

The guard is very competent, but so is Martouf, and he wins easily.

Meanwhile, I fight Nittik, and soon I make him drop his sword. "Stop!" He yells. "Samira! Listen to me! The warlck has bewitched you! Let me live and I will free you of his demon and make you my wife!"

"Idiot! I don't want to be your wife!" I slash after Nittik, and he jumps back. "I want to be with Martouf and Lantash, and they are not warlocks!" Nittik stumble. "Surrender!"

"Never! Not to a woman, or to someone possessed by a demon!" Nittik screams hatefully.

I run my sword through him, killing him. I stand there, staring at his dead body for a moment, before I turn as Martouf and my dad call for me.

"I'm okay!" I see that Martouf has dispatched of the guard, and dad has dialled the Stargate.

"Good." My dad looks relieved.

"We are grateful you are all right, Samantha." Martouf smiles at me.

I nod. "Yes. Let's get out of here."

We step out of the wormhole on a step-over world. Dad immediately dials the world their Tok'ra base is on.

My dad gives me - and Martouf/Lantash a smile. Martouf/Lantash put an arm around me. I smile at them, and then at my dad.

Together we step through. All will be well.

We are safe.


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