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Fic, Stargate SG-1, She loves him, PG-13, 3/8
Other than words

At last! No more looping! I can go home to my house and take all the boxes I have with Froot Loops and burn them in the yard! Sweet joy!

I wonder if the others are up for a team night? Pizza, beer, and a couple movies sounds great right now. I spot Daniel exiting a room in the corridor before me and call out to him.

"Hey, Daniel!"

"Jack." He looks distracted, but what else is new?

"I was thinking we should have a team night. It's been a while, and I need something else to think about. These past weeks have been really weird."

"Huh? Ah, yeah. You and Teal'c remember all the repetitions in the loop. That must be strange." He gets a look of compassion. That's Daniel for you. "To me and Sam it's like it was just a short mission... weird that so much time has passed." He shakes his head. "More than three months. That's crazy. And you remember all of it."

"Sure. At least I learned some Ancient." I sigh.

Daniel grins. "That's good. Maybe you can become my assistant."

"Haha. Funny. So, team night?"

He nods. "Sure. What does Sam and Teal'c say?"

"Haven't asked them yet. Wanna come do that?"

He shrugs. "Why not?"

We start walking and soon find Teal'c.

"T! Team night!" I say. "Are you up for it?"

"Indeed. It would be most agreeable." He smiles a little. "May I choose the movies?"

"Ah, you picked the movies last time, Teal'c..." Daniel says. "I don't think I can watch Star Wars again."

"I do have other favorites." Teal'c looks hurt.

"Of course you do, big guy. You can pick one of them." I tell him. "You can pick the other, Daniel - as long as it's not something slow and boring."

"I've never picked something that was slow and boring!" Daniel looks offended.

I roll my eyes. "Right. Let's go find Carter."

"I believe she has gone to inquire with General Hammond if she can visit the Tok'ra and learn why they contacted us."

"Ah. Well I guess that's a mission for SG-1." I sigh. "Let's go see what Hammond says."

It turns out Hammond thought SG-1 should go, but not until after we had taken some time off. After all, if the Tok'ra had tried to contact us for three months, then whatever it was could no longer be urgent. I guess that's true.

So, team night. Pizza, beer, movies. Awesome!

Or would be, if Carter didn't look all gloomy. I feel sorry for her, but what can you do? It's something she has to get over, and nothing heals grief except time. I know that far too well.

Daniel and even Teal'c throws looks at her now and then, clearly concerned for their friend and team mate.

We've only just eaten and finished the first movie, when Carter gets up. "I'm going back to the base."

"The base? Now?" I shake my head at her. "Shouldn't you at least go home? Pretend we're not boring you?"

"You're not. Boring me that is. I'm just tired. And I have an experiment I need to check up on first before I can sleep." She makes an attempt at smiling. "Have fun, guys! I promise I'll stay longer next time!"

She leaves, and we put on the next movie. It's not the same, though.

"Jack?" Daniel asks, when he's about to leave. Teal'c is waiting, since Daniel is dropping him off at the base.


"I'm worried about Sam. She's acting strange."

"Sad, you mean."

He nods. "Yeah." He frowns. "Um, do you think it's, it's because of Martouf getting killed?"

"Of course it is!" I tell him.


A couple days later we're back on duty and first item on the duty rooster is a mission to the Tok'ra.

I watch Carter as the Stargate dials. She looks tense, and as if she is controlling her emotions with some difficulty. It's gotta be hard. Going to the Tok'ra will always remind her of Marty.

The wormhole does its kawoosh thingie, and I walk ahead, first.

We're greeted by some Tok'ra guards on the other side. As usual. When they see its just us, they go back to their guards posts, holes in the ground, whatever.

Damn desert planet! The dust flies in the eyes from the ever-blowing wind! At least the distance to the rings aren't that great, and Sam does what she always does, even now, and finds the exact location. Damn if I understand how she does it. Everything looks the same. Maybe its some weird extra sense she got from the headsnake, Jolly. Something with the naquadah.

The rings whoosh up around us and take us down into the underground tunnels.

Jacob meets us - I wonder how he knows we were coming? Did the guards send a message, somehow? I ought to ask him.

"Dad!" Sam says, a ghost of a smile on her face.

"Welcome, Sammy." Jacob smile at her and give her a hug, before turning to the rest of us. "You too."

I nod at him. "Thanks - I think. What was it you wanted?"

Jacob raises an eyebrow. "Wanted? You fell off the planet of the Earth - or so to speak - for at least 3 months and 1 week. Can't friends just worry?"

"Come on. You know that's not your style. You didn't just call us to say hi."

Jacob nods. "True, we contacted you because we had news of Apophis. After taking over Sokar's forces, he has become very powerful, and is gathering allies and more territory."

"And, so, what? This is bad, I assume?" I know it is, but why does he always have to be so cryptic?

"Of course it's bad!" Jacob says. He sighs. "It's well known that he has a special hatred for you guys, and since he can't attack you directly without the Asgard interfering, he has focused on those planets he knows you have friends on."

"Crap. Which ones?" I ask.

"The worlds he had chosen were Argos, Cartago, Edora, and the Land of the Light, as well as Abydos. He only got around to attack Argos, but fortunately we managed to warn them before he arrived, and most of the population escaped." Jacob says.

"I'm going to kill that damn snakehead!" I exclaim. "Why can't he stay dead?"

We go with Jacob to see the Council and get a full update. After this I think I'm going to go to Edora and check on Laira and see how she's doing. I feel bad for not doing so. I promised her to visit, and I do want to.

Soon, hopefully.

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