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Fic, Stargate SG-1, She loves him, PG-13, 5/8
Other than words

It's more than 5 weeks later when I talk to Jacob again. When he saves Teal'c and me from a slow death in a modded deathglider - modded not just by us, but by Apophis too.

It turns out Jacob had been sent on a mission almost immediately after we talked, so he hadn't really learned much.

Carter is still less happy than she was, but she seems more distant than sad. I suspect she's just really good at hiding what she feels, and I decide that it's maybe time for SG-1 to do something ourselves.

Question is, what? I mean, the Asgard totally owe us someone for that save with the Replicators, but I doubt they'll come running to heal a Tok'ra - even if the two groups are apparently friendly, according to Carter.

There are sarcs, of course, even if the Tok'ra don't wanna use them. It's going to be a 'bit' hard to abduct Marty from some stasis chamber down in the Tok'ra tunnels, so that idea is out.

The Nox have some special powers - and thinks we're too 'young'. The Tollan are arrogant asses and wouldn't help us - even if they might like the Tok'ra better. Higher technological development or something.

Why do we only know arrogant fools who wouldn't help us 'for our own good' even if they owe us? We seem to attract them!

It's been two weeks when we have to help the Tok'ra stop Apophis and Heru'ur from allying. Apparently that is a bad thing.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It is a bad thing. Two big bad Goa'uld working together would be bad for everyone, and they would probably attack Earth as one of the first things when they no longer have to worry too much about each other.

Fortunately it's Jacob who is assigned to work with us, and he actually didn't want anyone except Carter and Daniel - but I insisted we all go. What are friends for? Besides, maybe Jacob has learned something new about Marty.

Well, we avoided being blown up by just about a gazillion mines.

I chatted with Jacob a little, but he hadn't learned anything new. All he could tell me as that the Tok'ra Council is still undecided. Didn't sound like it was likely they'd make up their mind soon, and I got the feeling it was a good thing. At least Ren'al's goons, ah, compatriots haven't won.

Carter seems better, so maybe I won't have to do anything.

Close to half a year has passed since Marty was shot and put in stasis - or rather, about 9 months, since we spent some time looping. I had forgot about the whole thing, and thought Carter was fine, but then came this damn mission!

We got to a planet that had this Goa'uld palace. Pleasure palace, you know. Probably originally had slaves of... various kind.

Anyway, there was a room in the palace with some really pretty lights. Which made you addicted to the point where you died when you left the damn palace.

We figured out how to turn it off, slowly, and wean us off the effect, but the withdrawal symptoms were still bad. Especially the depression. Took three weeks before we could return.

It hit Carter hard, and I think we all found her crying one time or another. She isn't over Marty. Not by a long shot.


It's been a couple weeks since we got back from that damn Goa'uld palace with its damn addictive light, and now it looks like we're finally getting a chance to help Carter. I.e. save Marty.

We've got our hands on a sweet ride - a Goa'uld mothership, which Cronus no longer needs. If you get my point.

We're going to use it to help the Tok'ra move a base to a planet with no Stargate - and move a Stargate there too, giving them a safe place to stay. Good for them.

Anyway, there is a sarcophagus on board this boat, and since the Tok'ra are bringing everything up here for the evacuation, that means Marty in his stasis chamber too. One of us just have to snatch him from it and put him in the sarc, and all will be well. I mean, the Tok'ra can't have someone assigned to guard a damn stasis chamber on the trip, would they?

Well, Apophis has thrown a wrench in my plans, since he's arriving here in a few moments. And Teal'c is out trying to catch Tanith who ran off. Why is nothing working out as planned?

The Tok'ra are going to evacuate through the Stargate instead, and drop their plan, since Carter and her dad have another plan to destroy Apophis's fleet. Or much of it anyway.

I did manage to convince Jacob to try and convince the Tok'ra that it would be a good idea for them to transport large and heavy stuff - like stasis chambers - in the ha'tak. I know he probably suspects what I want to do, but not even Selmak commented on it. Despite their holy talk about not using the sarc, I suspect they want an out so they can use it to heal friends, and letting me do it means I get the blame.

Oh, well. What you do for your team mates!

"Okay, the heavy stuff is onboard." Jacob tells me. "The other Tok'ra have transported down again."

"Um, that's great! I'm glad they took my advice." I say, throwing a glance in the direction of where Carter is working on checking something. It's almost the other end of the corridor, and she doesn't react. Why should she? Just a status update.

Jacob nods. "I'll go to the peltak and prepare to take off as soon as all the Tok'ra are evacuated through the Stargate."

"Great. I'll... go check... on the cargo." I say.

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