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Fic, Stargate SG-1, She loves him, PG-13, 7/8
Other than words

I find the sarc room, with the sarc empty. So Marty is healed and hiding somewhere. Probably. Question is, where?

I check in a few of the nearby rooms. Some seems to have been private rooms for Cronus or his underlings, or whatever, and they are opulently furnished. Others, further away, must be storage, because they are full of crates.

"Marty? You here somewhere?" I call out.

"O'Neill?" a surprised voice asks.

A surprised, distorted voice. So Lantash is in control. Not surprising, I guess, since they probably think they've somehow been captured and are on a Goa'uld ship.

"Yup, it's me. It's safe." I tell him.

A loose wallpanel is pushed out and Martouf - or his snake, Lantash, I suppose - steps out from behind it. He looks at me, cautiously.

"I am sorry, I... seem to have no memory of how we have come to be on this ship, nor does Martouf know. Are we captives of some Goa'uld?"

I shake my head. "No, no Goa'uld here. And it's a fairly long story." I grin. "What's up with the costume?"

He's wearing a tunic and some other clothes that look ancient Greek. Including a cape.

"I was only wearing underwear and I didn't have a lot to chose from. I thought I had better disguise myself, and pretending to be a minor Goa'uld might work against Jaffa."

"Well, it's not your style!" I grimace. "How much do you remember?"

He takes a deep breath. "Nothing since..." He frowns. "The last I remember, we were at Stargate Command. The memories after arriving are vague and confusing. We were... shot?" He looks horrified. "We tried to kill your president!"

"Not your fault. You'd been made zatarcs." I look suspiciously at him. "I'm assuming you're not anymore?"

He hesitates for a few minutes, then shakes his head. "We are not. There is some brain damage - Martouf has lost about a week of memories before we were shot. I have only vague memories of that period, but I seem to remember not taking control at all during that time. A weird block stopping it - and stopping me from caring."

"Makes sense, or I guess you could have just grabbed control and stopped Marty from shooting up the gateroom - if he was the one zatarced."

Lantash looks remorseful. "I feel responsible. I should have been able to overcome it. I should have protected Martouf."

An alarm sounds. I wonder what's going wrong now. "As nice as it is to chat, we don't have the time. Stuff is happening. Bad stuff. We should get to the bridge. Peltak, whatever. I'll try to give you a summary on the way."

He just nods and we leave.

"What's going on?" I ask as I enter the bridge.

"Apophis isn't responding, and the sensors show no one is on his ship." Jacob says.

"We're going to go take a look, sir," Carter adds, half-turning towards me. She freezes as she sees Martouf beside me.

"I found someone. Thought I'd bring him." I grin.

"Martouf!" Carter exclaims, losing her composure completely. "How?"

"Hello, Samantha." He smiles at her. Wide, crazy-happy smile, despite all I've just told him about the sucky situation we're in. Well, I guess love does that to you.

"You were injured. Mortally, they told me."

"He got better. I... may have dropped him in a sarc I found." I tell her, grinning.

"So it is, Samantha. Colonel O'Neill saved the life of me and Lantash." He turns to me. "We may not believe in using the sarcophagus, but I would still like to thank you."

"Ah, think nothing of it! You'd done the same."

"Good to see you, Martouf." Jacob says.

Daniel smiles. "It is."

Carter looks as if she still can't believe her eyes. She walks up to Martouf, and carefully touch him. Then, suddenly, she throws her arms around him and hug him to her, with a sob. "Martouf! Oh, god, I missed you!"

He embraces her gently and holds her, looking happy.

I roll my eyes at them and turns to Jacob. "You talked about going on a trip to Apophis's ship, check it out?"

"Yes, if his ship is in better condition, we may be able to repair it. Get hyperdrive up and running." Jacob says.

"Okay. What are we waiting for?" I see Daniel get up to go to the controls, and I turn to Carter and Martouf. "Coming, kids? Or are you staying here, Marty?"

"We're coming." Carter says, looking embarrassed as she lets go of Martouf, sending him another smile.

"I will join you." Martouf says.

We go to the ring room, with Daniel remaining to hold the ship.

So, let's look at the positives first - we got some crystals which Sam and Marty installed, while Jacob controlled the ship. We also got away from a big-ass explosion. We also all survived the trip.

Then for the negatives. We'd only just gotten those crystals installed before a cargo ship showed up on sensors. Teal'c was onboard. No, that's not a negative - that's a huge positive. Unfortunately, he'd brought some Jaffa friends, and he had been brainwashed.

And he also brought his buddy, Apophis.

So now we're all in a holding cell. Including Marty, since Apophis recognized him as Tok'ra from the little trip we had to Netu.

Jacob is still on the loose, though, so that's something.

Carter and Marty have been trying to open the lock, but no luck so far.

"Seems you got something there!" I say, when the door suddenly opens.

Jacob walks in, but before I can smile at that, I see Teal'c behind him.

Carrying a staff weapon and pointing it at Jacob. Crap.

"Come on, Teal'c. A part of you HAS to know the truth." I tell him.

"The truth is, you are a prisoner of Apophis. When the symbiote that I carry matures, You will become it's host." Teal'c says.

Daniel and I look at each other. "OK. I meant the other truth."

Teal'c points his staff at the control panel, which is inches away from where Carter and Marty is standing. They jump aside at the last moment before Teal'c blast the panet. Carter gets hugged closely by Marty.

Teal'c and the other Jaffa leave.

It's not long after that we drop out of hyperspace. Then, somewhat later, the door just opens halfway.

"That's odd." I observe.

And worryingly.

"Uh-Oh!" Daniel says.

Carter and Martouf are sitting close by each other. They look at each other with concern, and then to Jacob.

"Uh ... excuse me." I tell Daniel, before crawling over his feet so I can look out the door.

I see a bunch of bugs crossing. "This could be a problem."

Crap, crap, crap!

"Sir, if they've already got control of the ship's primary systems ..." Carter says.

"... this could be a problem."

Bugs show up inside moments later. Creepy. I hate those things!

We decide it's better to leave the place, and roll out under the door.

After running through some corridors, we get to a storage room. There is a box in here, which turns out to contain our weapons.

"Hello!" I smile.

Carter looks at a box with a hole in. Probably made by a replicator.

"It's been what? 10, 11 hours since we've picked up the cargo ship?" she asks. "The replicators have have plently enough time to reach unmanageably large numbers."

We finish arming ourself.

"Let's just hope they left the cargo ship alone. It's our only way out of here." Jacob says.

"Chances are they have. I mean they focus on controling the mothership first." Carter says.

"Well, brainwashing or not, we can't just leave Teal'c here." Daniel says.

"I know." I look at Daniel, Martouf, and Jacob. "You guys secure the cargo ship. Carter? You're with me."

Jacob holds up one of those Goa'uld shock grenades. "You know how to use one of these?"

"Sure." I just prefer not to. I take it from Jacob.

Carter and Marty sends each other some meaningful looks, then each go as they are told.

Lots of fighting, but we got Teal'c! He resisted, and he got shot, but he's alive, his symbiote sustaining him.

We were just about to escape in a cargo ship when the mothership we're in went to hyperdrive. Apparently we can't open the cargo bay doors and fly out of here while we're in hyperspace.

So we're stuck. On a ship full of replicators, Apophis, and some Jaffa. And we've got an injured, brainwashed Teal'c.

What do we do to deserve this?

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