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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Time and Space, PG-13, 1/7

TITLE: Time and Space
CHARACTERS: SG-1, Apophis, others
CATEGORY: AU, adventure
SUMMARY: SG-1 and Apophis finds themselves in the past. How do SG-1 stop Apophis from changing the timeline in such a way that he will become all powerful?
NOTES: Written for Tok'ra Kree! Round 8
PROMPTS: 016. SG1, Apophis, Daniel Jackson, Jacob Carter|Selmak, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, Like in the prompt 021, but this time the action occurs after Apophis takes over the ship so that he, his loyal Jaffa and Teal'c (+/- the Replicator stowaways) are all present as well for the time-travel.
021. SG1, Daniel Jackson, Jacob Carter|Selmak, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, At some point in the past Cronus finds an Ancient lab with schematics for a Destiny-class ship. After studying the design, he incorporates a number of the Ancient ship's features including an onboard Stargate, solar power collectors (as an emergency power source) and an FTL drive (as a backup propulsion system in case hyperdrive is down) into his flagship. These changes alter the events of the episode "Enemies" - when SG-1 (minus Teal'c) & Jacob|Selmak are stuck in a distant galaxy and are forced to hide Cronus's Hat'ak in the corona of a blue-giant star, Sam proposes they deploy the solar power collectors and try to dial Earth from inside the sun (much like what was tried in SG:U episode "Twin Destinies"). Unfortunately, solar activity and wormholes don't mix well and either the crew or the entire ship ends up being displaced in time (as indeed happened in SG:U "Twin Destinies"). Where (& when) they end up is up to you.



"What happened?" Jack asks, picking himself up from the floor.

"I'm not sure," Sam says. She groans and sits up, then looks at the Stargate with the jury-rigged stuff on the side. "Right, I was trying to deploy the solar power collectors and dial Earth. I'm guessing my plan failed somehow."

"Failed?" Daniel asks.

"Well, there wasn't supposed to have been an explosion - or whatever it was that knocked all of us out." Sam sighs and rises. She touches the side of her head, and her hand comes away with blood. She knocked her head on something, clearly. "Dad?" She asks, worriedly, noticing he's still on the floor, his head touching the edge of a table.

He starts to wake when she reaches him.


"Selmak. How are you?" Sam asks, kneeling beside her.

"We will be all right. We hit the head and have a concussion, but I am healing it. Your father is unconscious, but will wake when we are healed."

"Okay, good." Sam nodded, relieved.

"Wait - what about the snakehead?" Jack says, looking around and feeling for his weapon - which isn't there. "And the Jaffa."

"And Teal'c," Daniel reminds them of their friend which is right now brainwashed by Apophis and thinks he is loyal to his 'god' again.

"Aaaand the replicators! Damn!" Sam exclaims. "We've got to find out what has happened!"

Selmak sits up. "I am well enough to get to the peltak and find out what is going on. I will do that while the rest of you see if you can find Apophis and his men."

Jack nods. "Right. One other thing. We can't use the Stargate to get out of here now either, can we?"

Sam shakes her head. "No, since my plan didn't work, we can't use it unless we're in our own Galaxy - and in a position we know." She looks at the dialing device. "That's not good!" She hurries to it.

"What?" Jack asks.

"It looks like I may have shorted out some circuit. Damn! I didn't even think it was possible, but I guess the Ancient technology is powerful enough. Must have been the way I connected the..."

"Never mind how it happened, Carter. Can you fix it?" Jack asks.

Sam hesitates. "I'm not sure. I may need some spare parts that I don't have." She kneeled beside the dialing device.

"The Tok'ra can make replacement crystals, but I am not sure if the equipment to do so is on this ship. If not we will have to wait." Selmak says.

"Crap. We'll, that's for later. Come one. Let's find out what Apophis and his boys are doing!"

They leave the Stargate room.

They have not walked far before they find the first Jaffa which has been killed. "It was a replicator that did this," Jack says with a shudder. "I really hate those buggers!"

He grabs the Jaffa's staff weapon and throws the zat to Sam.

"It's not going to do us much good against replicators, you know that," she says.

"No, but I want to be able to defend myself against Apophis too," Jack says.

"Right." Sam nods. "Stop!" She points at something a few feet ahead, something they all recognize.

"Damn! Replicator!" Jack swears.

"Why isn't it moving?" Daniel asks.

Jack very carefully pokes at it with his staff weapon. "I think it's dead."

Sam touches it with her booth. "Yes, it seems dead. Weird." She shoots it with her zat. "No reaction."

"Okay, let's continue," Jack decides.

They slowly move through the ship, finding a couple more dead Jaffa killed by replicators - and inert or dead replicators everywhere.

"I wonder what happened?" Sam muses.

"I don't care, as long as the creepers stay dead!" Jack says. "What worries me is that we haven't found Apophis - or Teal'c. And I gather there should be at least one more Jaffa we haven't found?"

"Well, maybe they've holed up somewhere? To get away from the replicators?" Daniel suggests. "If they don't know the replicators are dead, they wouldn't just come out, would they?"

"Good point." Jack concedes. "Let's hope they stay wherever the hell they are until we can capture them."

Sam's radio chirps. "Carter here."

"This is Jacob."

"Dad! You're awake!" Sam smiles.

"I am, but I still have a splitting headache. Selmak is working on it. Anyway, I have determined where we are. And when. Well, more or less."

"When?" Sam asks, confused.

"No idea exactly what happened, but apparently we've travelled back through time. About a year. The good news is that we've also managed to return to our own Galaxy."

"Well... that's good. Not the timetravel." Sam rubbed her forehead over her eyes, feeling a headache coming on.

"Oy! Not timetravel!" Jack exclaims. He groans. "Jacob, how do we undo it?"

"Since I don't know how it happened, maybe you shouldn't ask me about that," Jacob says testily.

"I think I may have an idea. We were inside the sun's corona. We know that solar flares can slingshot us through time - that must be what has happened here," Sam says.

"This one just sent us through space too," Daniel points out.

Sam nods. "Yeah, probably due to interaction with the Ancient components of the ship."

"Can you replicate it?" Jack grimaces since it reminds him of their recent troubles with the replicators.

"I'm not sure." Sam admits.

"I have set a course in the general direction of Earth. We are at the far edge of our Galaxy, so even in this ship it will be a while. Jacob out."

"A while?" Jack looks at Sam.

"Well, the ship's upgraded with Ancient technology, but with the damage the replicators caused, it'll probably still take a week or so." Sam tells them. "Unless we can find parts to repair it."

Jack groans. "Okay. Well, it gives us time to deal with Apophis and his friends. And free Teal'c."

"How did this happen?" Daniel asks. "Why am I blind?"

"Teal'c threw a stun grenade at us," Jack says. He groans. "Dammit!"

Sam draws herself up and sits against the wall she could feel behind her. "It was just bad luck they'd taken refuge in a room with several boxes of weapons."

Jacob snorts. "Bad luck!"

"I'm assuming we're in a holding cell? Anyone knows?" Jack asks.

"We are. My vision is starting to come back," Jacob tells him. "It's a standard ugly Goa'uld holding cell. You're not missing anything."

"At least it seems all the replicators are dead. It's as if something in the process that sent us here killed them - or maybe the sun's corona did that," Sam speculates.

"Uh, that's good...but we're fine, right?" Daniel asks, nervously.

Sam nods. "Yeah, I think so."

"We are," Jacob tells her. "Selmak says we weren't exposed to anything that should harm a human - or a symbiote. From what we had time to find out on the peltac before we were captured, the timetravel was accompanied by a large flux of low-energy tachyons. Probably caused by interference between the Ancient technology and the sun's corona. Anyway, she thinks it must have interfered with the communication between the replicators cells, effectively killing them."

"Um, permanently, I hope?" Jack asks.

"Selmak thinks so - at least until they get some sort of reactivation signal, which they can only get from other replicators. There aren't anyone around here." Jacob gets up and walks to the door. "My vision is completely back to normal." He examines the door.

"Okay, so we're good. For now." Jack grimaces.

"My vision is starting to come back too." Sam says. "Sir - if we're really 1 year in the past, then it's vital we don't interfere with anyone or anything here. We could change the future. Our own future."

"Yeah, wouldn't that be terrible," Jack says sarcastically. "We could avoid Osiris's antics - and that little trip Teal'c and I took in Apophis's deathtrap! Just to mention a few things!"

"Don't you think there's some things I would like to change if I could? It's just too dangerous!" Sam exclaims.

"Okay." Jack shrugs. "Whatever." He rubs his eyes and blinks. "The world is becoming grey instead of black."

"My vision is mostly back - it's just a bit blurry," Sam tells them, getting up and joining her dad in examining the door and the walls. "It looks like there isn't any way out."

"That's not what I want to hear!" Jack orders. "Find a way!"

"At least we've got a week before Apophis gets close to Earth," Daniel says.

"He can stop at a planet with a Stargate on the way and use that to get to his domain," Sam says.

"Not around here. No one lives on the planet out here, and the populated parts we will get through is mostly claimed by Goa'uld hostile to Apophis," Jacob tells them. "He'll have to be careful and can't risk dropping out of hyperspace. Not to mention that if he just goes back to his own empire, he'll meet himself - and he might not be so welcoming."

Jack grins. "That's true! Great!"

"Do you think he'll have to fight himself?" Sam wonders.

Jacob gives Selmak control.

"No, if he can bring the upgraded ship, I fear he may be able to convince the present version of himself to listen to the future version, particularly since he is bringing us as prisoners. Apophis likely has spies that can confirm you are still at Stargate Command, meaning he will be interested in who you are."

"We're screwed if they cooperates! Given what 'our' version of Apophis knows, he can tell his past self what has happened, and use it to be better off when he gets back to his own time. That's what he plans, don't you think?" Jack asks.

"Possibly. More likely he plans on killing his present self and taking over his own domain. Our hope lies in current him realizing that future him will do so, and not allying with him."

"Swell!" Jack grumbles.

They all look up when the door opens, and Teal'c stands there, with another Jaffa behind him.

"Pathetic humans! Tok'ra scum!" Teal'c says.

"Good to see you too, Teal'c. How is good old Apophis treating you?" Jack says. "You do know he's a false god, right?"

"Apophis is a true god, and it is only through his mercy you are still alive! I would have killed you all - slowly - for the crimes you have committed, and the lies and humiliates I have had to endure while pretending I served the Tau'ri!"

Jack rolls his eyes. "Sounds more than a little brainwashy, T. Don't you think..."

He is interrupted when Teal'c hits him hard with the back of his hand, making Jack fly across the room. "Silence, human! Soon we will arrive in Apophis's domain, where we will be received with triumph!"

"Yeah, not so sure about that, Teal'c..." Jack says, picking himself up from where he landed. "Seems like those planets are already occupied. By Apophis!"

"Apophis of this time will listen to his future self, when he brings him the opportunity for victory against his enemies!" Teal'c smiles. "This ship, and the knowledge of the future, will make my Lord the greatest of them all!"

"This ship is more than a little damaged by the replicators," Sam reminds him.

"Which is why my Lord has sent me here for you. He knows what needs to be repaired, and you will get the honour of carrying out the repairs," Teal'c tells her.

"I will not!" Sam exclaims hotly.

"If you do not then I will kill your friends - starting with your father. And they will not die quickly!" Teal'c grabs hold of Sam's arm and push her out of the cell, which slams shut after her.


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