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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Time and Space, 3/7

It's almost a week later when the modded ha'tak finally arrive around Apophis's homeworld.

Sam has been out fixing some smaller things, and is thrown into the cell.

"What's going on?" Jacob asks.

"We've arrived - and for some reason we aren't fired on. I guess it could be because this ship has been modified, and past-Apophis knows he can't win against it, but I'm guessing 'our' Apophis has promised him something." Sam looks unhappy. "He's going down there to meet, well, himself."

Jack shakes his head. "It's too bad we can't get out and follow him down there. It would be useful to know what they talk about."

"Um, what should we even do? I mean, if Apophis talks to himself now, then he'll know things about the future he shouldn't," Daniel says,

Sam nods. "He will, yes, and we could be very screwed because of that, even if we do make it back to the future. It won't be the same future."

"One other thing - what about the subtropic thingie?" Jack asks.

Sam frowns. "Subtropic thingie? Ah, you mean the entropic cascade failure?"

Jack nods. "Yeah. What about that?"

"From previous experience, it seems not to be a factor when timetravel is involved, so I think we're safe. If we weren't, it should have already started.," Sam tells him.

"Okay - which is both good and bad, I guess. We're safe - but so is Apophis," Jack says.

"Make this quick. I have important business to attend to!" Apophis says, an annoyed expression on his face. "And why is it that I am supposed to accept your presence, despite hiding your face?"

Future-Apophis grinned under the hood. "I will make it worth your while. Worth both our whiles, actually! Your current plan will fail - but with my assistance you will succeed!"

"My plan? What do you know of it?" Apophis asks suspiciously.

"You have captured a Tok'ra named Martouf - or rather, that is the host's name, but then these heretics are perverse. You were going to make him a zatarc. While he will be shot, the alliance between the accursed Tok'ra and Tau'ri will still happen."

"You have spied on me!"

"And how would that make me know the future events? No..." Future-Apophis tore aside the hood. "I know because I am you! From the future!"

Apophis gasps. "Tao've'nu!"

"Believe it!" Future-Apophis laughs arrogantly. "Together we will be more powerful than any other System Lord!"

Apophis nods slowly. "You are correct about the Tok'ra. I were going to make him a zatarc. If you can prove your other statements, show me some useful knowledge from the future - and we may have a deal."

"Contact your spy at Stargate Command and get confirmation SG-1 is there. Then I will produce the criminals as well! Their future versions!"

The brief stun effect had worn off, and Martouf curiously looks around. ~Where are we?~

~I have no idea.~ Lantash mentally frowns. ~We were walking along the path towards the village, and now we are here?~ He checked on their bodies functions. "We were affected by some sort of stun effect, and now we appear to be in a Goa'uld laboratory, in a holding area. My guess is that they were going to do something to us, perhaps using that strange and unpleasant looking machine over there, but were interrupted before they could do so.~

We should try to escape before they return,~ Martouf suggests.

~Of course, we should! Any other brilliant ideas?~

Martouf ignores his symbiotes sarcasm and looks at the fastenings that hold them. ~I don't think these are very solid.~

~No, they were not made to hold someone who actually tries to escape.~

Lantash takes control and tears the bindings with a hard rip.


~Don't be such a child! There is no permanent damage and the pain will be gone momentarily!~

Martouf snorts. ~Hurry up - we don't know when the Goa'uld or his henchmen will be back.~

They hurried out into the corridor and had almost gotten to the other end when they heard someone. They jumped into a room, and waited while a group of Jaffa passed.

~That was too close!~ Martouf complains.

~Yes. Let's get out of here!~

They slipped out of the room and up the stairs from the low-level corridor that led to the laboratory.

~Guards!~ Martouf points out, when they try to get to the exit.

~Yes, I fear we cannot get out that way.~

They spent a long time trying to find a way out, but with no success. Suddenly, an alarm sounds.

~I'm afraid that is probably Apophis who has learned we have escaped.~

~Yes. The place will be crawling with Jaffa in a moment.~ Lantash looks around for a place to hide, and runs into a room. ~Ringtransporter. I wonder where it leads?~

~Who cares! The Jaffa will be here in minutes, so as long as it leads out of here, I am fine with it!~

~Noted.~ Lantash activated the controls and jumped into the middle of the rings.

They were whisked out of the room before the Jaffa could even enter the corridor leading to the room, or hear them.

~We're on an ha'tak?~ Martouf wonders, surprised.

~Looks like it. Not exactly the best place to end up, as it's unlikely to be empty.~ Lantash sighs. ~Let's find a place to hide, should we need it, and then we can explore and see if we can maybe escape in a deathglider or teltac.~


Lantash sneaks along the corridor. They have not walked more than a few steps when he freezes. ~Energy signatures!~

~In there!~ Martouf suggests, calling Lantash attention to what looks like a deep recess or small room, with large heavy curtains partially covering the entrance, and a huge statue standing inside.

Quickly, Lantash dives inside the room, and behind the statue. ~Ugly thing. Looks like something Cronus would like.~

~I agree, but I don't care as long as we're safe.~

Footsteps approach and Lantash sneaks a peek. ~Jaffa. Teal'c!~

~With an unknown Jaffa. We should not talk to Teal'c until we know if the other Jaffa can be trusted.~

~Of course not! Quiet! I want to hear what they're talking about!~

"Our Lord Apophis is coming aboard the ship again?" Teal'c asks.

"Yes, and he is bringing the Apophis of this timeperiod with him," the other Jaffa says. "Officially to prove that what he says is true, and to show off this ship, with advanced technology."

Teal'c laughs coldly. "We will be prepared to capture the Apophis of this time!"

"But we must not harm him. It is not to know how it would affect our Lord Apophis!"

"Apophis is a god! He cannot be harmed!" Teal'c proclaims proudly.

They continue to the ring transportation room.

~What is going on here? And why is Teal'c talking about Apophis as his god?~ Martouf wonders.

~I have no idea. It is really strange. I wonder if this ship is from the future and has somehow timetraveled? But why future-Teal'c would again think Apophis his god I do not know. Regardless, we should find somewhere else to hide. If Apophis is coming onboard with the ring transporter, he will sense us at this distance.~

Lantash looks right and left and slips out of the small room while Teal'c and the other Jaffa are in the ring transporter room and preparing to receive their god.


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